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About the Author

Stephen Paul Song is of Anglo-Irish extraction and has been hoofing around the world by various methods and devices for many years. He has worked in education for a long time as teacher, trainer and academic manager in Europe, South America and East Asia.

He started writing at the age of 7 where he changed the endings of stories and TV programs to something he considered more suitable or to his tastes. He currently has 12 unfinished novels and therefore, Seeking Narcissa is an aberration in that he managed to finish it and is feverishly working on the sequel.

He believes writing should only be conducted to music and favours Enya and Shakira. Writing fiction is the best adventure one can have while wearing jogging bottoms and eating instant noodles and still calling it 'work'. He can be contacted at info@easternsongbooks.com

Limited Edition of Seeking Narcissa

Song has published and released a limited amount of tangible copies of Seeking Narcissa. Get your hands on this exclusive book before it's too late!


More information and history on a few places from the book, Seeking Narcissa.


More information and history on your favourite characters.

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The Family Stump

Seeking Narcissa
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Captain Namoya

Seeking Narcissa


Ian, Thailand

Seeking Narcissa is such a delightful and fun read. The depth of characters mixed with the author's descriptive and hilarious prose made this an absolute page-turner from start to finish.

James, UK

Who wouldn't enjoy a sassy French nurse and a karate kicking cabaret singer taking on would-be assassins while a naive young Englishman attempts to solve the greatest mystery in the world? Loved it!

Leanne, Canada

A funny, character-driven romp across the world and some of the most outrageous dialogue I have ever read. I almost wish this was the true history of the world, and I really hope there is a second book because the ending is such a beginning. #Doducestrarocks

Leigh, UK

Initially I thought this was just another (rather fun) adventure story, but the characters really are the driving force and are so well-rounded. The female characters in particular are very real and very believable and more than hold their own against the men. If you like a fabulous story with peril, romance and one crazy Eurasian captain, you will love this!