Captain Namoya

Seeking Narcissa

A little swarthiness goes a long way, and Captain Namoya is swarthier than most. If he once had a first name, he has long since forgotten it or left it behind somewhere for debt collectors and enraged fathers of girls with some bad news to find. Regardless, he is known in ports, bars and taverns the world over as Namoya – a good man, a jolly man, a gullible man and the worst gambler known to man. He has spent so many years at sea he develops land sickness within a few hours of being on shore. No one enquires much about his past as it seems fairly obvious a man who cannot remember when or how he lost his previous vessel is unlikely to remember his date of birth.

He prefers to be known as an adventurer keeping the old ways alive by refusing to be tied down to any one place or nationality and simply sees the world as his extended playground. It is hard to imagine any one awarding him a passport as he seems without nation. He speaks some of many languages but all of none, making in-depth conversations somewhat strained but always interesting. He has a permanent twinkle within his deep brown eyes, and many ladies have found themselves drawn into its power followed by a tsunami of regret the next day. He has never been called upon to provide payments for the unintended off-spring as ladies of good reputation don’t want it destroyed in a single confession and ladies of part-time companionship know he’s skint anyway. But he’s always welcome company at a boozy sing-a-long and clog dance ergo he has many friends and acquaintances the world over who greet him with a hearty cheer and immediately lock up the cash box.

No one is sure what he keeps in the multitude of pockets within his waxed-leather coat, and few would ever be brave enough to check unless they were happy not to get their hand back. The murky comments in his hip flask come under more suspicion and occasionally, a marvel that he is still standing. In an emergency, it would be comforting to have Namoya at your side…just not too close.